I have a knitting machine!

So, I’ve been looking for a new job lately, which involves a lot of web-surfing of job sites, as well as a lot of web-surfing of sites completely unrelated to the job search by way of distracting myself. Some of my random searching takes me to that ultimate “feel good while wasting time” site, freerice.com. There is, of course, the endlessly funny televisionwithoutpity.com. And that doesn’t even count the time spent on yarn and needlework sites!

I was checking out Craigslist the other day (no, not for that!) and I got an idea, an evil idea (no, not that!). I posted a notice on the “Wanted” section asking for someone to give me a knitting machine–and someone did! I am now the proud owner of an ancient but functional Brother KH 820.

I had always heard that the learning curve on knitting machines was rather steep, and that’s not an urban myth. After about five hours, I had managed only to set up the machine and then I tried to cast on about a billion times with no luck. Here’s my best attempt:

{Sorry! this photo’s link was permanently lost

in the transfer from Typepad to WordPress}

Here, I’ve wrapped each stitch individually by hand (following the instructions very closely) and it still didn’t work! #@*&%!!

Still, this does go to show you that there are some kind-hearted people out there in the internet, which, as Ted Stevens reminds us, is not just a big truck, it’s a series of tubes. I like to think that connecting people with obscure needs with people who can satisfy those needs (no, not that!) is one of the greatest benefits of the internet. Stay tuned for more knitting machine adventures.