Union Jack Cross Stitch Design

Rule Brittania, Brittania rule the waves...
April Smalls Challenge

Click here for a free pdf version of the pattern.

This charted design of the Union Jack flag is inspired by my love of all things British, from Jane Austen to The Clash. I have chosen weathered, slightly variegated colors, but you can choose more traditional solid colors, variegated floss in bright blue, red and white for a more vibrant effect, funky pastels, or even neutrals—whatever you fancy. I’ve made every effort to be as faithful to the actual Union Jack as is humanly possible within the bounds of charted cross stitch design. Rule Brittania!

The stitch Count is 63 W X 35 H and the model was stitched “over one” on 25-ct. beige Jobelan using one strand of Gentle Arts Sampler Threads. Floss suggestions are provided for DMC, Anchor, Gentle Arts Sampler Threads, Crescent Colours/Classic Colors, and Weeks Dye Works. The design works well in standard 2″ X 3″ (shown above) and 4″ X 6″ frame sizes.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this pattern, or you’d just like to send me pictures of your finished product, please email me at thelyfsoshort{at}att.net, or leave a message below.

Union Jack Freebie in Progress
Union Jack Freebie in Progress (needle shown to provide scale)



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