It’s a Family Affair, Part II

Well, I’ve been thinking about yesterday’s daunting list of stitching/knitting gifts yet to do. And I’ve been thinking about the agonizing gap between our lofty expectations (gifts we’d like to make if time and money were no objects) and what we can realistically achieve.

You see, I have plans for what I want to do for each of these gifts–I have samplers I’ve sketched out and would like to design, and knitting and cross stitch patterns I’ve picked out and even bought the materials for.  But these plans are in conflict with my self-imposed deadline: June 9, 2007, my brother’s wedding day.

So, should I quit my job(s) and sit around knitting and stitching all day every day until June 9th, or should I revise my goals?

Or maybe delve into my treasure trove of FUFO’s? I’m sure there’s plenty there that would do in a pinch. Or is picking something I didn’t make specifically for the purpose too impersonal?

Or maybe I should just find out where they’re registered? But that feels like giving in. Am I crazy?

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