Coming out of the Closet, Literally

In an effort to make my June 9th deadline for clearing all (or at least a big chunk of) my “family and friends” stitching, I decided to look through my closetful of FUFO’s to see if there was anything that would do in a pinch. I hang my completed cross stitch from pants hangers and drape a plastic bag over them to keep the dust out.

Now, I’ve been stitching for over 25 years, and seriously stitching for at least the past ten, so I’ve got quite a backlog, as you can see.

Finished Cross Stitch ProjectsIncluding this little gem from Linda Reeves (does anyone know if she’s still around? Whatever happened to La Broderie?):

La Broderie, King WinterPardon the atrocious lighting, especially since it makes it so difficult to see the wonderful, rich reds and browns of this pattern.

Can you believe I only found one design I was willing to part with that was both ready to go and appropriate for the occasion?  It was this adorable little guy all done up in silks, “Peter’s Patch” from Shepherd’s Bush:

Peter's Patch by Shepherd's Bush

Pardon the creases. Several years ago, I made the companion piece, “Sophie’s Roses,” for a cousin’s baby, Rose (get it? roses for Rose? nudge nudge, wink wink), and it was a big hit. This is the Shepherd’s Bush I love–colorful, bright, and full of specialty stitches. Now, who’s going to be the lucky recipient?

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