A Blanket for Kane

Kane's BlanketSo, my little baby brother (who’s not so little and not much of a baby anymore–ahem!) got married last weekend! Congratulations! The couple in question has been together almost eleven years, so there was plenty of joking about rushing into marriage and how maybe they should take some time to see if they were really compatible.

Of course, this presented me with plenty of opportunities for knitting and cross stitch, and catching up on crafty gift-giving. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of the little jacket for cousin Brooke (why oh why did I think a cell phone picture was adequate?) or the lace shawl for the bride, but here’s a picture of the blanket I made for first-cousin-once-removed, brand new baby Kane Finley Same-Last-Name-as-Yours-Truly.

The pattern is from Suss Cousins Hollywood Knits Style and is called, appropriately enough, “Baby’s First Blanket.” Instead of the neutrals called for in the pattern, I chose Suss Cotton in White, Spa Blue (darker), Sky Blue (lighter), and Honeydew. Each of the nine patches is done separately and grafted together with single crochet at the end. I love the way this looks, even though my crochet skills could still use a lot of work.

Welcome to the world, Citizen Kane!

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