Bent Creek Black Kitty

Bent Creek Black KittyIn celebration of Halloween, I’ve worked up this little design from Bent Creek, “Black Kitty” on 40-count sand linen with two strands of floss over two. I like the nice, thick effect this “overuse” of floss creates.

The cat has been done in DMC 310, classic black, but the rest was worked with Gentle Art Sampler Threads. To create a “halo” effect around the cat, I stitched around the edges of the cat in concentric circles. I don’t know if it actually shows in the final product, but I would still do it again to avoid, for this particular design, that horizontally-oriented variegated look.

Because I am making this into an ornament, I “designed” a little matching pattern for the Bent Creek "Black Kitty" backback — basically the same outline and background as for the “Black Kitty” pattern with the word “Boo!” (on the right). It’s a little surprise for anyone who checks out the back of the ornament.

And here they are together side by side:

Bent Creek "Black Kitty" Front & Back

And in the process of sewing up the two halves for final finishing:

Bent Creek Black Kitty Sewn-up, Front
Bent Creek "Black Kitty" Sewn-up, Front

Bent Creek Black Kitty Sewn-up, Back
Bent Creek "Black Kitty" Sewn-up, Back

Now if I could only find my polyfiber fill and twisted cord maker… maybe they’re hiding as part of a Halloween prank they’re playing on me. Trick or Treat!

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