Where Have all the Flower Threads Gone?

So, today I went to the closest local needlework shop (LNS), Sit ‘n’ Stitch in Toluca Lake, CA, in search of a substitute for the late, lamented DMC Flower Thread.

Many years ago (I’m guessing around 2000, if the stitched date can be trusted), I stitchedLa Broderie, "Sew a Fine Seam" this La Broderie sampler, “Sew a Fine Seam,” using DMC Flower Threads (La Broderie called for Flower Threads for most of their designs–is that why they’re not around anymore? sigh!). I have never been happy with the light green that the pattern called for–2369–since, to my eye, it’s too light, too “minty,” and has too much blue in it compared to the other two greens–2320 and 2890.

Pardon the rather murky photo, by the way.

As you probably are aware, DMC stopped making Flower Threads in 1999–December 31, 1999 to be exact. It’s like DMC decided they couldn’t begin the 2000’s with any matte cotton flosses in their repertoire. You can still find people selling their stash of DMC Flower Thread on Ebay and, surprisingly, a few needlework sites still have some inventory available, but nowadays the closest substitute is Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread (includes a conversion chart from DMC embroidery floss to Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread).

In case you’re interested, here is the link to DMC’s suggested conversion chart between the regular ol’ six-strand DMC cotton embroidery floss and DMC flower thread. What the asterisks and double asterisks mean is anyone’s guess (repeats? approximate substitutions?), so shoot me an email if you figure it out.

2 thoughts on “Where Have all the Flower Threads Gone?

  1. What are you looking for? I might have some. But if it’s called for in Heart’s Content Friendship Sampler you can’t have it. Nope. I’m hording those.


  2. Thanks Anna! Do you have any you can spare that’s lighter than 2320 but darker than 2369? Either DMC or Ginnie Thompson would do. You must be an expert in flower threads after that Heart’s Content afghan!


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