A Finish Twelve Years in the Making

"A Portrait of Santa" Finished

“A Portrait of Santa” by Donna Vermillion Giampa

It’s finally finished! I can hardly believe it. When I began this project, no one knew who Monica Lewinsky or Britney Spears were or what an iPod did. Although the final result looks great (much better than I expected, actually, if I do say so myself), I must admit that my primary feeling at the moment is one of intense relief. Not only can I cross this project off my perpetual list of “things to stitch,” I have one of my Christmas presents done too!

This is where I was going to show you a close-up picture of the tremendous beating my friend’s pattern has taken over the years, but then I realized that it would be a huge violation of copyright. As a professional wordsmith and semi-professional designer myself, I have a great respect for copyright laws. Everyone has the right to be rewarded for their labors.

And, speaking of rewards for labor, I have to say that getting this Santa monkey off my back is quite a good one. As an added bonus, my friend has given me the pattern in exchange for the final stitched product. If anyone wants a completely beat-up copy of this pattern, let me know — I’ll even pay for the shipping.

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