Heirloom Tree Skirt Finished!

"Heirloom Tree Skirt" FinishedAbout fifteen years ago (I’m guessing by the date of the copyright on the cross stitch pattern), I gave my mother a Christmas present of a tree skirt I had cross stitched. Let me be more specific—I gave my mother most of the makings of a tree skirt (cross stitched fabric and fringed trim) and promised faithfully to finish it for her by the next Christmas. Finishing would have involved buying some appropriately Christmas-themed fabric, sewing the fabric backing to the cross stitch fabric, shaping a hole in the middle of the cross stitch fabric, and attaching the fringed trim.

Needless to say, my anti-finishing bias held sway and my mother never got her completed Christmas tree skirt, in spite of a couple of oblique (and not so oblique) hints thrown my way. My mother passed away in 1997 of breast cancer, and while, fortunately, I don’t feel as if there was much left unspoken between us, that tree skirt has haunted me ever since, especially around this time of year.

But no more! Thanks to a trip to the JoAnn’s fabric store in Porter Ranch (mmmmm…..so suburban……) and to the sewing skills of my roommate, the tree skirt is done!

Here’s a couple of detail shots–I will try to have a complete picture tomorrow, with a look at the backing. First we have a close-up of “Santa with bag of toys on back”:

Santa with bag of toys on backFollowed by “Santa with bag of toys open as if to offer toys to little children”:

Santa offering to toys to little childrenAnd, for the grand finale, we have “Santa with Christmas tree over shoulder”:

Santa with Christmas tree on shoulder

2 thoughts on “Heirloom Tree Skirt Finished!

  1. You did a beautiful job on the tree skirt!. I am looking for the pattern for the Heirloom Tree Skirt to finish the one that I started many years ago. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for your time.


    1. Hi Jennifer — Thanks so much for reading the blog and writing in with a comment. I still have the Heirloom Tree Skirt pattern (it’s pretty beat-up, but still usable) and I would be happy to pass it along to you. Let me know — you can email me at thelyfsoshort{at}att.net. As for finishing, I highly recommend having a talented friend who knows how to sew. ; )


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