Rapunzel Scarf Pattern Finished!

Lately, I’ve been really intrigued by the idea of braiding. I was trying to think of some new ways to finish a cross stitch project with braided cord, or how to use braids in a needlework pattern (as in Moss Creek’s  “Julbock Christmas Pocket” from the 2004 Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornament issue).Rapunzel Scarf

Then it struck me–knit a braided scarf! And I’ll name it after Rapunzel, she of the fabled long blonde braid! Silly me, I thought I was the first to think of this name, but it turns out that Anthropologie beat me to it by a couple years–here is a blogger with her own take on the Anthropologie version. Doesn’t this look like a great way to use up some of your stash?

However, from the beginning, I was thinking of braided I-cords rather than strands of yarn, and you can see the (unfortunately shaded) close-up of my version to the right. I thought a nice, neutral ivory would look nice and classic, and maybe even a little blonde. I also chose to up the difficulty factor a bit with four strands instead of the usual three.

Rapunzel Scarf Tassel DetailTo top it off, I added big tassels at the ends (see image at left). At 96″ long, you’ll certainly be able to wrap it around your neck a few times, so even though it’s quite skinny, you’ll still stay warm. Of course, you can make it as long or as short as you want.

For the free pattern, click here (or follow the “Free Pattern” link under the banner above). And please send me any comments or suggestions.

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