Bootie Call

Because it’s “Stitch or Cut Floss” March, I called up one of my BFF’s from high school yesterday because we hadn’t talked for a while and she had been trying to get in touch with me. Well, I found out why she was trying to get in touch with me–she’s
expecting a baby in mid-April! For a variety of reasons–they were
waiting until the second trimester to tell people, I had fallen off the
face of the earth for a few months–I am just finding out now.Suss Newborn Set Kit

I’ve decided to set aside all my guilt feelings for now and concentrate on the important issue: what will I make for the new baby? I’ve chosen this vintage-looking booties and hat kit from Suss Knits in part because it seems like HS BFF’s style and also because I actually wrote the pattern for Suss, so I should be able to proof it as I knit along.

See photo at right (pardon the blurry imaging). Isn’t it darling? (and I use that word advisedly…). It’s certainly pom-pomrific. And there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

High School BFF is going with neutral tones for the baby room and she informs me that the walls of the baby’s room are cream-colored. In my imagination, they match the vanilla/whipped cream color of this yarn (Suss Love) exactly. Way to go, BFF (and Hubby)!

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