Bootielicious Finish!

Newborn SetI just finished  the booties and hat  for little baby McKerrow, and just in time since he/she is due in  less than a month.  BFF and husband have chosen not to know the sex of the baby before it’s born–as my grandma used to say, “They’re going to take what they get!” The baby nursery is being decorated in neutrals, so the cream color should be perfect. The yarn, Suss Love, is unbelievably soft and easy to work with. It’s also washable, which I consider essential for baby items.

Also, because it is comprised of several individual strands of the same color, the pompoms become extra fluffy when the strands start to separate. In the rush to get done, I left off the small pompoms on the ends of the bootie laces and the hat ties, and just did one small pompom for each bootie and one larger one for the top of the hat. Done and done, as Homer Simpson would say!

Update 01/25/11: Suss Love yarn has been discontinued, unfortunately.

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