The End of a Long March

Well, it’s the last day of March and here’s what I’ve accomplished stitching-wise:

1. “Everything Bag” from Suss Cousins, Hollywood Knits Style (k)
2. “Breast Cancer Ribbin’ Scarf,” my design (k)
3. “Granny Square Scarf” by Suss Cousins, navy (k & c)
4. “Granny Square Scarf” by Suss Cousins, claret (k & c)
5. “Cardigan for Arwen” by Kate Gilbert in Interweave Knits, Winter 2006 (k)
6. Aran Sweater for SIL, from Ann Budd’s amazing Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns (k)
7. “Ewe & Eye Needlecase” by Heart’s Content (xs)
8. “Corinthian Ribbed Blanket,” my “design” (a simple ribbed blanket) (k)
9. “Drizzle” by Anna Tillman for Rowan 38 (k)
10. “Ballerina Top” from Zoe Mellor, Adorable Knits for Tots (k)
11. “Aran Wrap,” my design (k)
12. “Felted Sashiko Chessboard Cover,” my design (k)
13. Jord (that’s the name of the yarn) handbag, my design (k)
14. Chair cushion cover, from Suss Home Knits (k)
15. Blue Basketweave scarf from Vogue Scarves book (k)

Although it looks like a lot of projects have been crossed off, I was miffed to discover that my percentage is only 73%–a lousy “C.” And here I am feeling like I killed myself to get this much done!

I’ve decided to put the Ballerina Top on hold for now since the “baby” it was intended for is now a toddler and, frankly, I just can’t stand to look at it anymore. I’ve also decided to end the blue basketweave scarf where it is–it became slightly felted when I washed it, and I’ve decided that it’s good enough as is. I’m following the old motto “There are no mistakes, only design choices” (sometimes “design elements,” but you get the idea) and accept what I’ve got.

The Breast Cancer Ribbin’ Scarf  and the Sashiko Chessboard Cover will be finished soon. Really. The Ewe and Eye Needlecase may take a bit longer–I spent quite a few hours on it this month and here’s a photo of my disappointing level of progress so far (to check on my previous progress, go here):

Ewe & Eye Needlecase WIP

And here is a picture of my brand new Everything Bag in all its glory:

Suss Everything BagWhile I more or less followed Suss Cousins’s pattern, I made up my own mixture of yarns. The original pattern called for Suss Charm, which is a mixture of three different yarns, including Trendsetter Flora. I used one strand of chocolate Suss Bomull (2 skeins total), one of sand Suss Twisted (3 skeins total), one of ivory Suss Perle Cotton (2 balls), one of mushroom Suss Perle Cotton (2 balls), one of Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool in a kind of brick red (2 skeins), and one of “olive medley” Trendsetter Charm (4 balls total). Phew! Can you spot all the different yarns?

Suss Everything Bag, Button DetailIt’s like a yarn version of Where’s Waldo?! The lining is a groovy mod design from IKEA in ivory, brick red and beige–very cheap and very sturdy. I made some interior pockets, but I’m not entirely happy with the final size–a little too narrow and too deep to be truly useful (something to keep in mind in the future). However, considering my extremely limited sewing skills and fear of the sewing machine, I’m pretty proud of myself. I think I’m in bag love!

Everything Bag Interior

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