Pumpkin Hat for Ronan’s First Halloween

In celebration of All Hallow’s Eve this Friday, I’ve made this pumpkin hat for Ronan, the son Ronan's Pumpkin Hatof my high school BFF. If you’re interested, the story of the last gift I made for Ronan starts here. This is Ronan’s first Halloween and I thought he needed a suitable “costume.”

I have a thing for pumpkin patterns. And I love the idea of babies wearing hats shaped like fruits and vegetables — the result of some early childhood trauma, no doubt. Knitty has an adorable berry tart baby hat pattern here that I can’t wait to do.

The pattern is slightly adapted from “Kürbis” from the Sonnentaler blog (“kürbis”–with an umlaut of course–is the German word for “pumpkin”). The yarn I chose (a double strand of Berroco Comfort DK color 2731) had a different gauge so I redid the math for a 15″/38 cm head circumference. I also chose to do a seed stitch border rather than garter stitch to avoid the “rolled brim” look. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Ronan's Pumpkin Hat, Close up The stem is knitted from the leftover scraps of some Noro Kureyon (color unknown) and the leaf is made from some scraps of Suss Ull in “nervous green.” To me, the slightly scratchy texture of the Kureyon suggests a pumpkin vine stem. The leaf pattern is just something I pulled out of my hat. Get it? I pulled it out of my hat… nudge nudge…

You know what Samuel Johnson said: “He who would make a pun would pick a pocket.” Enough said.

Anyway… Happy First Halloween, Ronan! Love, Auntie Kate

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