A Finish! Baby Kimono for Niece

Baby Kimono finish 2So, I’ve finished the world’s most beautiful baby kimono for the world’s most beautiful niece-to-be. See the baby kimono in a less symmetrical state here. Like Brooke’s kimono, I finished this one with a single crochet edging–this time in heather Suss Love (a kind of light gray-green). This yarn is amazingly soft, perfect for baby clothes.

Sorry for the murky photo. Here’s a close-up of the crochet edging:

Button, button? Who's got the button?Here’s a slightly more detailed close-up of the button closure:

Baby Kimono Button DetailThe pearlized plastic buttons are just flowery enough to suggest femininity without being too girly. They also go really well with the neutral colors. I think my brother and SIL will love it.

What’s next, Auntie Kate?

Update 01/25/11: Sadly, Suss Love yarn has now been discontinued.

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