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My Latest Finish: "Saxon Braid Scarf" by Nicky Epstein
My Latest Finish: “Saxon Braid Scarf” by Nicky Epstein

I’m working hard on getting this blog up and running for real by New Year’s Day 2014, so I’ve been collecting links to various knitting- and needlework-related stories out there in the webverse.

Here are some stories to tease your appetite before I relaunch the blog on January 1st:

2 thoughts on “Appetizer Links

  1. So agree with the value of hand knitted goodies being under priced, to be honest this is something I struggle with… putting a monetary value on something that took hours to create 😦


    1. I know — and it’s hard to make people understand how much time and expertise went into a hand-knitted item when they can go to their local IKEA and get a fine-gauge cable-knit afghan for $39.95. I worry about the people who price their knits so cheaply — do they really need the money that badly that they’re willing to work for less than minimum wage, in which case I feel terribly for them and want to help them, or do they not need the money but just want a little pocket cash for their hobby and so they’re willing to undersell knitters who really do need the money? Either way, it’s kind of depressing….


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