The Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night

About a million years ago–OK, really only ten years ago–I saw these two Bent Creek patterns in the June 1998 issue of  Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine.  They were called “Here Comes the Sun” and “Full Moon Rising,” and it was love at first sight. I can’t explain it, but I’ve always loved patterns with suns and moons. Pumpkins and sheep are my other faves.  I went right out and bought the fabric for them and then they sat around in my stash for almost ten years.

But no longer! I proudly present the completed “Here Comes the Sun”:

Here Comes the SunAnd here, at long last, is “Full Moon Rising”:

Full Moon RisingBecause the designs are so deliciously “primitive” (i.e. there’s not a lot going on), I decided to add a little visual interest by using variegated Gentle Art Sample Threads instead of good ol’ DMC. I don’t think they were calling for many hand-dyed threads back in 1998, but I really think, in particular,  they make the sun and the moon look more realistic and colorful. If you want to know what GAST I substituted for DMC, let me know and I’ll post my suggested substitutions.

Tomorrow: the lettering!

One thought on “The Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night

  1. Do you still have the pattern for these? This is the last cross stitch my mom did for me before she passed and I would love to find the pattern.


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